So this exciting thing happened. This one time my little shop was featured in HGTV Magazine! SS Print Shop is the little shop that could, it has come so far since launching last summer and is growing in ways I had never even imagined. God has a better plan than the one I imagined. Roxy, from another great shop, Society Social had her gorgeous 400-square-foot apartment featured and as a fan of SS Prints herself, they made the cut! Her space is one a girl like me can totally appreciate. The splashes of gold, pattern and prints all formed together to create the most beautiful space. She’s a humble gal, which is why I love her, and you will too after you read the experience she shared on her blog. I am so grateful to have connected with such a lovely, thriving business woman like herself. All the love & gratitude to Roxy! I am so proud of her and this feature.

ROXY TIP: use a push pin and gold clip to hang your prints on the wall!

{image c/o HGTV Magazine}