Kate Spade Earrings // JCrew Sweater // AE jeans & flats // Bracelet c/o Oia Jules // Clutch c/o Roots

Happy Friday to you all! This week has been busy, and I sure am happy
the weekend is here. Yesterday we had one of those days in Autumn that felt
so warm and crisp at the same time. It got cold pretty quickly here, but here and there
we get glimpses of these perfectly sunny, happy days where the wind is just right. It was
definitely even too hot to wear the sweater I had on! The warmth inspired me to act a little
more colourfully than usual, which I need to do more of during the colder months.
Grace has been on my mind lately (also this song is pretty much on repeat, hense the
inspiration for today’s title), but I am just so thankful for grace.
Letting it flow in and out of my life, to give and receive it, has lifted me to a more
peaceful state in life. I’d like to leave you with this food for thought this weekend: