One day in the Spring I sat down with Anna of annawithlove photography, and we had a crazy little thought to combine her photography with my expressions/designs. Fast forward to today, and we have made that vision come to life in just a short period of time (mind you, we’ve committed almost every day in our busy schedules to make this happen). We’ve worked so hard to bring you the first ever collaboration between myself and another artist that will be sold on SS Print Shop! We wanted to combine the best of both worlds: photography + type (which is best done in gold foil!). I cannot tell you how rewarding, exciting and fulfilling it has been to work with such an incredible photographer such as Anna. She is such a sweet, loving and hard working individual and I have been so blessed to meet her β€” and now embark on our first business venture together! Without further delay, we bring you our first print together, “Stop & Smell The Peonies.”

Peonies are our favourite flower – sadly peony season does not last very long, and we
want them in our homes everyday – so we created this print to make that happen!
Style it up in your favourite vignette, and frame of choice…
…Or make an affordable gallery wall using washi tape!
Layer with other prints on your mantel or bookshelf…
Be as creative as you’d like styling your print and let us see! Just hashtag:
#stopandsmellthepeonies #ssprintshop

“…Even when life gets crazy, don’t forget to stop and smell the peonies!”