Each season I have to switch up my skincare routine, as the temperature is a major factor in how my skin is looking and feeling. We’re half way through the summer and I’ve had time to put some of these products to the test — some are new, some are old faves but they’ve all been on repeat lately!

This Replica Beach Walk fragrance by Maison Margiela has been perfect for summer! I love the perfume, but recently got my hands on the body oil and I’ve been obsessed with putting this on after I shower. It really smells fresh and “summery” with the notes of coconut milk, lemon and bergamot.

Since we don’t have a tub in our condo (it’s devastating to me, because I love baths), I’ve had to get creative! Something I love doing no matter the season is a DIY foot soak. After a long week (perfect for a friday night in) I boil hot water (wait for it to cool down) and add some pink himalayan salt to detox and relax my muscles. I add seasonal ingredients to mix it up, read more below.

During this time I like to read a book or a magazine and do a face mask as well! It’s cheap, effective and really relaxes you…

Summer Foot Soak: Four Slices of Lemon, Three Tablespoons of Baking Soda, Lavender Oil and Pink Himalayan Salt in a basin. Flowers are optional *wink*

BOOK: Little Book of Life Hacks by Yumi Sakuawa


More and more, I gravitate toward cleaner ingredients and products. My skin is happier when I use less makeup, more sunscreen and take care of the skin underneath first!

Current faves: Saje Sun Sense SPF 15 + Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation + Brush

I used to skip toner, but I really find a difference in my skin when I remember to include this step. I use “witch hazel” as my toner which is an astringent from the leaves and bark of a shrub. I pick this one up by Thayers at my local Whole Foods, but you can also get it on Amazon!

Vitamin C has so many amazing properties for the skin that produce collagen, protect from the sun, improve texture and so much more! I’m a huge fan of the Sunday Riley brand (you’ve probably seen in many of my monthly faves videos), and so I decided to try this moisturizer for the daytime. So far I have loved using it, I find its kept my skin hydrated all day which my skin really needs even in the warmer months.

There’s really nothing I have tried from Sol Janeiro that I haven’t absolutely fallen in love with. I love their Brazilian Bum Bum Cream – it smells amazing!! This lip butter smells and tastes so yummy (like caramel), its very moisturizing and I love how thick the stick is, it’s going to last me a long time!

My skin can definitely have its problems (from the time of the month, to a bad reaction to makeup – I get cosmetic acne, etc. etc.). Over the years I’ve learned what I need to do and what I need to stay away from. For example over the weekend I wore heavier liquid makeup for my sister’s wedding for photos and while it looked great, I’m definitely paying for it this week with my skin. If I wear makeup for an extended period of time, especially liquid, I get a lot of texture and I’m learning to leave it alone. I’ve had the bad habit to attack – I know, skincare rule #1, don’t pick! My skin is also very dehydrated so my winning combo includes:

Philosophy Acne Treatment Cleanser + Moisturizer | Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque | Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse (the best makeup remover!)

Hope you all found this helpful! I just wanted to end this Friday post off announcing the winner of the Diptyque Candle Set giveaway

Congrats to Jenny Lieu!! I have e-mailed you in order for you to claim your prize!

Thank you to all who entered, and remember there are a lot more giveaways where that came from so stay tuned for your chance to win more goodies!