The warm weather is here, and it appears that it will be sticking around for the next few months in Toronto (I hope I didn’t just jinx this). That being said, my closet and beauty cupboard are getting a facelift. Here’s my philosophy on transitioning to summer…


1. Ditch your bulky leather bag you used all winter and swap it in for a natural tote that doubles as a beach bag!

2. Invest in a nice summer sweater that you can throw on during the cooler nights. How perfect is this one for a bonfire on the beach?

3. White denim is clean and pairs well with just about any top, I always have to have this shade in shorts and pants for summer. J.Crew does a nice pair of chinos.

4. Metallics show off a tan and bright pedicure like no other! A cute pair of sandals always go nicely with pants, dresses, skirts etc.

5. I’m a girl who loves her dresses, they are the most comfortable ensemble AND they make you look so put together. This beachy one by Raquel Allegra is stunning.


1. I like to switch up my scents during the warmer months to something light and fresh. My top picks are by Jo Malone & Bobbi Brown.

2. My skin is totally different during the summer, so I have to change things up. EcoDiva carries amazing organic lines such as One Love Organics – I’m in love with the Easy Does It cleanser & Brand New Day scrub. The package even comes with lovely samples of other products to try – I love a company that inserts a special touch!

3. Eye cream is essential, besides wearing a nice big pair of sunnies to protect that sensitive area, a little extra step never hurt. I’m in my early 20’s, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about wrinkles, friends! Benefit’s “it’s potent” really does the trick to brighten up and keep potential lines at bay. Always prevent, so you don’t have to treat *my philosophy.*

4. My hair is freaky frizzy mess in the humidity, like we are talking crazy curls out of left field — this spray by Oribe fights all those pesky little hairs.

5. I experiement with colour in my makeup a lot more during the summer time, bring on the bright lips and cheeks. The Pierre Hardy for NARS blush in “boys don’t cry” resembles a brighter version of “orgasm” to me. Perfect little flecks of gold to make your tan skin glow.

Happy shopping this weekend, lovelies…!