t-shirt: h&m | skirt: old navy | sunglasses: urban outfitters | necklace: blossom lounge (jules smith) | bracelets: thecurrentcustom + stella & dot

Hope everyone has had a great back to school/work week! September kicked off pretty rainy in Toronto, so the Hunters have been revisited. The warm air is still sticking around though, so light layers and comfort has been my theory when getting dressed. In Hunter news: one of my boots never quite matches the shade of the other, no matter how much solution or soap I apply! It always kind of bothered me about my pair, but I guess it just makes them that much more quirky. They do the job nonetheless, and I can’t tell you how much I still love jumping in puddles with them, like a little kid. I purposely walk through the monster ones! Who else is with me on this one?