What a busy week I am in for! Meetings and classes all week – but all exciting stuff I am looking forward to. September has been so good to me! Thank you to everyone who continues to support SS Print Shop! I love getting e-mails of photos of the prints framed in your homes & dorms. Keep ’em coming!

On to the outfit: My love for stripes has been taken to the next level, in the form of a ballerina scoop t-shirt. I adore the fit and cut of this T, it is so simple and relaxed but the scoop just gives it such a feminine touch. Since I was feeling so girly, I wore a high waisted skirt with MaryJane bow flats. Everyone is enthusiastic to dress for Fall – I’ve seen boots on girls everywhere lately. I’m a bit opposite I suppose, I use up the most of my dresses and flip flops until it gets really cold. The weather is so hot here in the afternoons, I am just going to be in the present and enjoy what is left of this summer warmth.

Enjoy your monday!