You may have heard me mention blue light glasses once or twice on my Instagram stories and thought a) what are those? b) do they really work c) do I need them or perhaps d) you didn’t think anything of them at, lol! Well, today I’m making my case for how these trendy (and even chic) glasses have helped me reduce headaches, protect my eyes during excessive screen time and made my outfits wayyyy cuter. That counts too, right?

So here’s the thing, we’re exposed to harsh blue light anytime we work on our computers (isn’t that almost everyone nowadays?), stare out our phones texting, scrolling through instagram, checking emails or binge-watching our favourite Netflix series. The idea here is reducing the negative side effects and painful symptoms of straining our eyes each time we do this (which is everyday, unless you live on an island with no wifi). Smartphones, TV, computers screens and artificial lighting are what exposes us to blue light and if we’re not careful, overexposure to it can affect our sleep habits, eye sight/twitching/blurred vision or in my case, cause major headaches! The great news is they’re cute and super comfortable to wear all day long. Everywhere from Nordstrom to Amazon (for under $20!) carry them. Here are a few of my favourite pairs…

Quay Australia Noosa Blue Light Glasses

These oversized cat eye shape glasses are for when I’m making a little fashion statement but also want to keep those eyeballs protected while scrolling the gram. I love taking these with me on flights (especially when you’re wearing no makeup, I just love glasses on).

The Book Club Blue Light Glasses

These are my most comfortable pair — they are light and easy to wear before bed! I admittedly still work in the evenings or watch a show in bed (hello 2+ hours of The Bachelor, that’s a long time to strain your eyes).

Desi Perkins x Quay Blue Light Glasses

Love that these have a “cat eye” frame and the leopard (more like tortoise shell design) in black and brown go with every outfit. The sides are gold, so that element makes it super chic for the office too!

Scroll through more of my favourite pairs of blue light glasses below…