There’s nothing I love more than having sun-kissed skin, but as I get older, I want to protect it as much as possible while still achieving that glow. This is why I love organic spray-tans! Whenever I am in between appointments and want to maintain my colour, I love using self-tanners. It can be intimidating to find or try ones that don’t streak or leave you looking orange, but rest assured I have done that (embarrassing) work for us all here and have tried so many over the years. These are my favourite self-tanners, bronzers and enhancers to make that skin glow like you’ve just come back from vacation!

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I love these tanning drops you can add to your face cream and body lotions for a tan that’s nice and even. When I have used this serum on it’s own, I have applied it with a foundation blending brush which made it appear really even! To give yourself an at home spray tan mist, this one has been the best I have ever used!

TIP #1: Use a blending brush to apply face serums for an even colour.

TIP #2: Always exfoliate the day before, and use lotion. The day of applying your tan, shower, dry off and then apply. Don’t use any lotion before! Follow instructions (as each product can be different).

TIP #3: The key to making your tan last is to keep your body moisturized! This prevents dry skin, cracking, discolouration and fading.

TIP #4: Don’t use dove soap when using self tanners or doing spray tans, try organic, simple ingredient body washes, as some soap ingredients can make your tan come off as well!

TIP #5: Always lay down towels and apply in a well-lit room (especially for the at home spray tan).

Bikini Top: Target // Hat: Target // Belt: Urban Outfitters // Shorts: Abercrombie // Bag: Similar // Sandals: Steven // Earrings: H&M // Necklaces: Sugar Blossom


To enhance that glowing skin, I love these bronzers and highlighters to accentuate! This bronzer smells like coconut and I like that it’s matte (in too much sparkle on the face can look less natural). You can add a nice highlight with these dew drops. I also love this body blur lotion by Vita Liberata for events on your arms, legs and collar bone — it looks stunning and almost like your skin has been airbrushed!