I am so excited to introduce Anna to my readers today! She is such a talent in the photography industry & seriously supports others in a way that I think is so rare to find these days. I have felt so encouraged by her kind words & support, and like she mentions in one of her items below, having that can make all the difference when it comes to confidence in this field. I love her blog, photography & attitude towards life, truly a girl I can’t wait for you all to get to know better. Enjoy today’s post!

Name: Anna Tsoulogiannis

1. The internet
Man would I be bored without my daily
dose of pretty images, inspiring articles, motivating videos…
it’s a great
time to be alive…the information is endless!
2. My man, Kosta
He makes me laugh and has a heart of
gold…I love him to pieces.
3. All my past travels & travels
to come
Every trip is a new experience that
changes who you are, my travels around the world are some of my most cherished
memories and life experiences.

4. My family & best friends
Without them I would not have the
guts to do what I do for a living or be as confidant as I am

5. The talent & creativity God
blessed me with
…extremely thankful and grateful for this daily