When I asked Arianna to join The Gratefulness Tag
she told me that it was such a coincidence as she
had a lesson on gratitude in school that same day.
I instantly was curious about what course this was!
She said it was a “positive psychology” class – something I think should
be mandatory for every degree, diploma etc.
We could all use more education in being positive, since we live in a
pretty negative world – the news is the best source for that!
Something I love about Arianna, is just how sweet she is, every interaction
we have had I can tell she is a gentle soul & always has something kind to say.
She also takes beautiful photographs! I am sure she has so many talents.
So without further delay, please enjoy her post on my blog today!


My name is Arianna and I blog over at Laughter & Linguini.
I’d like to
share with you what gratefulness means to me.
Hope you enjoy reading, and this
helps to remind you of what
you are
grateful for in this life.

grateful |ˈgrātfəl|
feeling or showing an appreciation
of kindness;
thankful: I’m very grateful to you for all your help.
• archaic
received or experienced with
welcome: enjoying the grateful shade.

gratefully adverb,
gratefulness noun

I write this, I hear the rain outside my window and I smile. If you knew me,
you’d know that it doesn’t take much to make me happy. The little things –
thunderstorms, flowers and a good laugh – are what I live for.

sweet Stephanie asked me to write a post on gratefulness, I was so excited.
Shortly after though, I realized that I didn’t know what I’d write about – I
seem to be happy for every little thing lately. What am I truly grateful for?

I had to narrow it down to the things that I am most grateful for and indebted
to in this life, here they are.

My parents.
have done everything to ensure that my brother and I are given the best
opportunities to succeed in life. They’ve instilled in me a sense of adventure,
wonder, passion for family, culture and food, love for music, and strong
morals. The will to succeed and not rely on anyone else for my happiness, the
chance to live all over the country – these are gifts from my mom and dad. I
love them more than anything, and I am forever grateful.
My best friend.
had to live in a certain neighborhood, go to a certain school, take a certain
bus, sit at a certain lunch table – all of these things I felt so strongly
about led me to you, best friend. We have the same heart, and I know that we
were placed in each other’s lives for a reason. I don’t know what I would do
without her. We have the world to travel, love to find, and the future to
behold – together. I’m so grateful to you for everything you do!
My pets.
sweet thangs have no idea how much they help me through life. My Lily – she’s
the sweetest little girl and just holding her (aka squishing her) lifts any
burden from my shoulders and brightens my day. That blondie is just so, so
sweet. There is no other word to describe her.
cats, aka mush #1 and mush #2. They have their moods, and I love talking to
them in funny voices. The three of them make me smile.
Old photographs.
was lucky enough to grow up with 4 of my great-grandparents. I have so many
wonderful memories of them. Although they have since passed, the photos that
they took when they were young have allowed me to believe that I knew them when
they were my age. I am so glad I have them to look at, and I’m even happier
that I will be able to show my children who their great-great grandparents
were. I’m so grateful to you, great-grandmas and grandpas, for being in my life
for so long, and for taking so many
pictures when you were young. I now know whom I take after!
My experiences.
family and I moved 8 times before my junior year of high school. Because of
this, I was able to travel the country by car, experience different cultures
and ways of living, and see so many beautiful things. I’ve lived in areas
throughout Florida, Arizona, New York, and Pennsylvania. Every place was very different
and because of that, I’m able to relate to people of many different
backgrounds. I am so grateful for these experiences, and I know it’s only the very
beginning of my adventures.