Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all are enjoying The Gratefulness Tag blog series and getting to know all of these lovely ladies. I’m still around popping in posts in between, this week has just been busy studying for a final & working, so I hope this series is keeping you entertained! Today we have Brittany from Gallery No. 8. She is such a creative person and has some very cool projects in store for the future! Excited to see all that she creates, with her gifts from God!

1) Family – We don’t get to choose
our family, and as much as mine annoy me some days, I wouldn’t trade them for
anything. I feel so blessed to have been given them. They listen and
support, make me laugh so hard I can’t breathe; they help me grow and
learn and become the person God created me to be. Love them to the moon &

2) Friends – I don’t get to see my
besties as often as I would like, but we’re all going to be at camp together in
a few weeks and I am SO excited! We are all so different, but we complement
each other so well. I am so thankful God brought them into my life; He knew
just what I needed 🙂

3) Opportunities – I have been given
some absolutely amazing opportunities in the past few months and I can be
nothing but truly & deeply grateful for them!

4) Inspirations – Gifted writers,
innovative designers, talented photographers, imaginative artists, the list
goes on & on! Watching people do what they were meant to do & be who
they were meant to be is so ridiculously inspiring and I am so thankful to them
for sharing their amazing talents.

5) Here & Now – I often spend a
lot of time thinking about past decisions or future directions, but I’m
learning to be more thankful for right now. This second, minute, hour, day,
month, year. Because it is not forever. And I won’t always be at home, with 2
little jobs that I love, with some of my best friends close by, with such a
lovely church & camp community around me, with my future bright and
exciting. This is now, and everything is only for a season. {print via etsy}