Today we have a fashionista on the blog! Katherine is a PR & advertising girl, blogging her way through life, fashion & beauty. It’s pretty clear to me, she is someone who doesn’t take small things for granted and loves to celebrate all of her blessings. Read on to learn more…


here from a bit of sparklefarkle,
stopping by to share a few of the things I’m feeling grateful for these days!

There are few things in life that I am more grateful for
than my family and friends. They are my best influences, my inspiration, my
cheerleaders & confidants. They often know me better than I know myself!
Cliché but true, the only thing better than experiencing great things in life
is experiencing them with others! Above photo of my mama and I.

I mean, right? I’m addicted in the best way. (I’m a Seattle
native after all!)

Photo Credit: Sarah Rhodes of Arrow & Apple. A photo for an e-course she’s

The friends, events, job opportunities and experiences (like
the above photo shoot!) that have come about because of my blog have been
completely amazing. How cool is it to look back at a visual journal of your
life with all the detailed thoughts you were feeling at that very moment? Even
better, making friends all over the country (like Stephanie!) and getting
inspired to try new things. Photography! Fashion! Design! DIYing!

I’ve been incredibly blessed with the opportunity to travel to many
places around Europe and the U.S. Each trip has led me to discover new
cultures, their foods, traditions, and has taught me so much about myself! I
think seeing the world is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. So get out
there & explore!

There is nothing quite like the look on someone’s face when
you’ve given them a baked treat fresh out of the oven. For that moment, they
are completely submerged in the delight of sugary goodness. Baking is the
hobby that brings me the most relaxation, and the most joy! Chocolate = love.

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