Tiana & I are soul sisters. Here’s why: we both still have the hearts of 14 year old girls beating inside of us, which is why we love soul decision & one direction. We strongly believe in being authentic & genuine. We are sisters in Christ 🙂 I have had some pretty endearing & sweet interactions with Miss T and am so blessed to have met her through the blogging world! She is beyond gorgeous, inside & out and I don’t care one bit how cliche that sounds, it is so true. Tiana really appreciates her blessings. Which is why I know you will not only enjoy her post on here today, but will probably become obsessed with her blog too!

Hi sweet darlings! My name is Tiana and I blog over at l’esthetique when I’m feeling inspired or just a little carefree. My heart fluttered a bit when Steph asked me to be a part of this entire tag she’s putting together, and it did so for a couple of different reasons. Most importantly, gratefulness is a characteristic of discipline, and is something that nearly everyone acknowledges, but never truly practices. It all seems so easy to get caught up in a world of bliss when everything happens to our own accord. Gratefulness, however, becomes most difficult in the times where the silver lining isn’t so clear. Personally, the act of being grateful is something that I believe should happen on a daily basis; for everything can change within the blink of an eye. I want to share with you just a few things that I’m grateful for in this moment, because I know I’ll find something more to love and appreciate in the details of tomorrow.

little reminders/


That catch of sunlight in the midst of so many clouds that reminds me of the wonders of God or that everything is going to be alright. That breath of fresh air that calms every fiber of my being. Those days where I want to sing to every song on my iPod. It’s those little reminders that constantly make me think, “Wow. How could I possibly be this lucky?” I think it’s those little reminders that have the capability to both bring us back to Earth and to let us know that there’s always the calm right after the rain.

big hearts/

Love is one of the most magical things on the face of this Earth, and I have grown to appreciate more and more, those who have the heart to simply love a little more than the rest of us. I have those people in my life, and I’m sure you do too, that bring utter happiness and nothing less. My mother, father and stepfather. My girlfriends and best friends. Those who love me unconditionally even when I make big mistakes. It’s these hearts that I honestly could never live without, and I hope I never have to.



I would be nowhere, and I would be nothing if I didn’t always remember my roots. And my roots, personally, lie in the deepest foundations of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for not only the love that He endlessly pours, but for our personal relationship and the countless moments where He has been exactly what I needed. A friend. An open ear. Everything. Even when I am at my lowest point, He provides. I am constantly in awe of the possibilities and the love, given willingly because I simply have faith in Him.

the perseverance to never give up/


There is a very special man in my life and I am constantly in awe of his perseverance to never give up. He is ever-seeking ways to make me happy or make it right, even when I am unbearable and stubborn as a mule. He reminds me that if you want something badly enough, you have to be willing to fight for it… and fight hard. It is his perseverance and passion that changes my heart and makes me realize just how lucky I am.



The ability to change a mood, situation, or even a life because you and only you possess the power to do so. Will I start my dreams today or tomorrow? Will I choose happiness or grief? Will I do it for myself or for others? This life is all about choices and that alone is enough to be grateful for.

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