Hi everyone! Today I am thrilled to launch a series with you I have been wanting to do for a while now, that is inspired by a book that changed my life: 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I stumbled upon a Voskamp quote and used it one of my posts last year, which sparked one of my dear friends to ask me where I found it. At first I had no clue, I just saw a post on pinterest but it had no credit (not a fan of when there’s no credit!) of where those beautiful words came from “…the bravest love is wildly faithful and it falls hard again every morning.” After some research, she found it was by a book by Ann Voskamp and from there we knew we had to read more! This book will open your eyes to the power of what being grateful can do for you in your life. My sister passed a quote on to me once that said, “Thanking God in our trials turns burdens into blessings.” I have seen the truth of this in my life!

I have learned that being grateful for all the good (and bad) that comes in to my life is they key to happiness and in my walk with God. Having an attitude of gratitude will take you to far, and amazing places. I asked some lovely girls to share what they are grateful for in their lives, to pay it forward. I hope this inspires you to count your blessings, and write down things you are grateful for, either on your blog or in a notebook. Actually saying it out loud or writing it down, is more powerful than thinking it in your mind. Putting that positive energy out there is the key. I welcome anyone to do this tag & be sure to leave a comment below with your link if you have done it as well, I would love to read some more!


Today we have a stylish, New Yorker, Kat. She has a multitude of talents, I love that God blesses us with so many gifts. She is definitely gifted & such a beauty. You will fall in love with her blog too, I promise!