Hello from Muskoka! Neal and I are enjoying a little getaway here (I’ll do a post review on where we are staying this week) and it’s been so peaceful to get away from the city and noise. I’ve been reflecting a lot on how important it is to have silence in your day. I don’t feel our culture honours it enough — we have phones that go with us everywhere and beep for every text, call or Instagram notification. We have white noise (television, trains, sirens, car horns). We don’t get quiet with ourselves enough and i’ve been trying to instil more of that into my day. When you get quiet, you can pay attention to your thoughts more — where your mind skips off to.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I get anxious thoughts in the quiet, nothing is keeping my mind busy and when you’re off guard, that is when we are more vulnerable to the attacks on our mind. I fight back with words of power (from scripture) and it brings me peace. He is in control, I am taken care of. I opened to this page, and sometimes you fall right on the scripture you needed most, it said “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

I so appreciate all of your participation in all of my Q&A’s every Sunday on Instagram, and many of you had YouTube requests around filming my morning routine. So I’ll be shooting that and sharing it with all of you soon on my YouTube channel, with hopes that it serves as a resource on how I bring intentional, quiet moments into my day. They don’t just happen, you definitely have to structure your day around them. I’ll be sure to let you guys know when that will be going up on YouTube in the coming weeks, but for now I’m off to go enjoy a relaxing spa day with my love.Chat soon loves! xx