The last #Vlogmas is here! I really didn’t think we’d be able to pull of Vlogmas this year with everything else going on, but I’m glad we still got to do a few for you guys! We love creating fun videos to celebrate the season, as well as doing fun giveaways to give back to our #ssvlogmasfam who support us throughout the year. We are so grateful! I’m excited for us to have some time off to spend with family and celebrate Christmas. Our 2019 will be off to a busy start as well, so having a break in between is going to be so nice. Remember to rest and soak in the season, I know it’s busy for all of us, and sometimes can even be painful. This time of year can bring up a lot of “stuff” but I just want to point you to the good in everyday, and a God who cares deeply for your hurts and pain, so much so He took on flesh to walk with us (and then die for us). I am wishing you all a beautiful holiday filled with peace and grace. We’ll be back to blogposts in about a week and don’t worry — new YouTube videos as well, so be sure to subscribe! In case you’re looking for more of my holiday content check out this page where all of my posts live on for the season (holiday appetizers, outfits, gift ideas etc).

Huge love & Merry Christmas!

xoxo The Jollys