*my personal fave: “the bradshaw” from vintage cocktails*

A lot of pop – fizz – clink will be going down during the Holidays, and chances are you’ll be attending some parties. In an effort to avoid any last minute shuffling I’ve got you covered with some fab gift ideas to have on hand to bring your hostess. She’s attentive, fun and pays attention to every last detail. She deserves something fabulous this time of year for putting out her amazing spread. Here are my tips for getting the mostess for your hostess:

1. Discoball Ornaments: She can dress up her tree, bar cart or shelves with these fun light reflecting dazzlers. The party never stops, so these will come in hand all year round. You can score these just about anywhere! Pier 1, Z Gallerie, even the dollar store! Bingo!

2. Diptyque Candle: Every lady appreciates a luxurious scented candle. Any good hostess has a few burning in her home to keep the party intimate and smelling fresh all night long. She will love you forever if you get her a Diptyque Candle, I can assure you! Pure Parisian luxury.

3. A Fab Recipe Book: What does she love making for everyone? Sweets? Cocktails? Gift her with a pretty book full of more ideas to play with.

4. Champagne Flutes: She can display these on her bar cart and serve up her best drinks in some pretty glass. Chapters/Indigo has an amazing assortment of glassware sets to choose from at the best prices!

5. Kate Spade Acrylic Straws: These are the smartest invention! So long paper straws that are no good after one use, you can stow these pretty straws away and use them over and over again. They make drinks deliciously fun.

6. Kate Spade Glitter Coaster Set: Which lady doesn’t need glitter coasters in their casa?? They couldn’t be more fun, while also doing the hostess a favour by catching all the unwanted spills. One too many cosmos can cause some spillage ladies 😉

7. Oscar De La Renta Wine Stopper: She will treasure this forever — it’s a classic, and a must for entertaining!

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