The new SS PRINT SHOP is finally here! We have completely redesigned the site for a better shopping and browsing experience.
New look, new photos and a NEW product line I cannot contain my excitement over. So much work and love has been put into
this project, with the help of my dear friend annawithlove — encouraging me like no other and photographing our entire website.
I couldn’t have done this without the grace of God and my awesome team! I am so thrilled to share this

with you all today and hope you enjoy it. Take a browse at the new (eek!) SS PRINT SHOP, here.

W A T C H T H E I N T R O V I D E O:

© annawithlove photography

styling by: tiffany pratt

hair by: kelly araujo of medulla & co.

huge thank you to colette toronto for letting us film in your beautiful space!