Dress: American Eagle // Cross Necklace: Alex & Ani // Coin Drop Necklace: Similar //  Hat: Lack of Color // Sandals: Steven

This spring has been so transformational for me, I almost feel like there’s a rebirth of all things dead coming to life again inside of me. Winter was a hard season, and it’s something i’d like to speak to one day (not just yet) but coming out of it and entering this new one, it’s been the best for our marriage and business. Today we announced the name of our podcast, Jolly Ever After! Neal and I have been wanting to share more of our story, what we’ve learned along the way and send it off in the world with love and care, but never felt like the current social platforms were really the place. There’s something about hearing someone’s voice, their tone and heart. This year, I just wanted to be free from the things that hold me back. My word for 2019 was trust, and honestly, if I am being totally transparent, I wasn’t laying down the control and really trusting. I put too much of it in myself, and not enough in Him. By Him, I mean Jesus. He has brought people, signs, experiences and words into my life these past few months that have really helped me release a lot of my anxiety and challenged my need for control. I want to be a vessel for kindness, grace, love, healing and helping. We are so excited for the changes with the new website(s), yes, Neal is getting a new one too with the launch of a new business venture for him (and there will be so many resources for you guys that you have been asking us for!), new products (for the shop) and a new channel, with our Podcast. You’ll still be getting the same Steph, and fun lifestyle content, but we wanted to be even more of a resource (not just on the business/product side), but for hearts. We care about people’s hearts. Hope you’ll follow us over on Instagram @jollyeverafterpodcast as we prepare to start recording episodes, and then launch our show this summer! Love you all so much, thank you for taking the time to be here.