This collection is so special to me, mostly because I had not even planned it! I love when spontaneous creativity happens. One of my dear friends Michaela & I were chatting and she brought up the idea of doing a wedding collection. I instantly thought, how brilliant! I’ve been asked to do custom orders for Brides, and I finally decided to create a whole entire line catering to them. Prints have become a key decor piece in photographs, table setting, gifting etc. for weddings. Now of course these pieces can be bought whether you are married or not, for some love-inspired reminders. I am also re-introducing my Gold Foil Colossians print, to go in The Wedding Collection, in two new colours: white and blush pink. I am always thrilled to announce new designs on SS Print Shop, and because of your support I get to keep creating, which is my favourite thing to do! Thank you, thank you, thank you! []