This weekend I had the pleasure of having a workshop with the talented Dani of D Carlton Photography! Learned so much about my machine & great tips to get the best quality and creativity out of my shots. I can’t wait to work with her again, such a talented artist and she made the whole experience so enjoyable. I love meeting other photographers, we can all teach & help each other with something, the learning never ends which is why I think I love the field photography so much! It never gets boring. I remember being in the media pit for Toronto LG Fashion Week and I found the photographers were having more fun than the people attending the shows! They would share their tips with me as we sat under the equipment stage, photographers I have met are always ready and willing to help the other out, which I think is a great thing about this industry.

The long weekend was really a great chance to catch up on more work, so much to be done before the summer comes to an end! Trying to meet all my work & personal goals I have on my list for this season. I really was thankful for that extra day to catch my breath. I took some time to get a shellac mani & pedi in one of my favourite peachy colours called (#106 babe) as a treat to just relax. Balance is key and sometimes we have to shut the computers & phones off! This Sunday I also fell in love with Philippians 3:8-9, we have a series in church right now about “shalom” (hebrew for peace) & my pastor said something that stood out to me: there is no shalom without humility. I think we could all incorporate more humility in our lives, being more modest and respectful, I believe, puts us all at the same level as each other. Not one person is more important than the other. I love this, and I have found to respect & love people most for their ability to be so humble.