My dear friend Jacquelyn recommended this book to me and I have to say it’s probably been the most life changing! I really wanted to get a handle on my hormones (I have higher estrogen) and ease my PMS (as it’s been pretty brutal the past few months). Balancing hormones can be tricky and it’s important to consult your doctor/naturopath (which I have). This book was an educational source for me to understanding more about how to get in tune with my body, and make lifestyle changes to support my hormone health which affects my daily life, work and also set myself up for a healthier future. One of the most mind-blowing things she talks about (to me at least) was eating certain foods for each phase of your cycle (who knew!) to replenish nutrients and she lists them out (which is so helpful). Alisa talks about how men have a 24 hour work cycle and we have a 28 day one! Even just cycle synching with our work, diet, lifestyle etc. is so important to achieving that balance and honestly, living better. Our lifestyles: the way we eat, our exercise (or lack there of) and pace of life (we need to slow it down) has a toll on our bodies and on our hormones. I took this quiz on her website and learned SO much more about what my menstrual cycle and hormones were trying to tell me (she has so many great resources) and I am excited to try her Hormone Detox (a free resource she has online here). I’ll probably do a blogpost on my thoughts on the detox after I do it, so look out for that!

WomanCode by Alisa Vitti

Rhythms of Renewal

If you struggle with daily stress and anxiety, I’d highly recommend this book that looks into these four areas: Rest, Restore, Connect and Create. Rebekah herself has battled with anxiety and panic attacks and hearing her stories comforted me that I’m not alone (I too once suffered badly). Now that I’ve been able to manage it a bit better I appreciated her practical steps and the idea of creating “rhythms” in my life to bring more peace. We all have everyday stress and so these rhythms she suggests you put in place will help to serve you in a way that will keep you centred and able to process them in a healthier way that won’t take such a toll on your mental and physical health. I’ve never really had a “routine” (especially with my job) and I think that’s why I have been more prone to getting anxious, so this book has really inspired me to work on this!

Rhythms of Renewal by Rebekah Lyons

Vibrate Higher Daily

I love following this author on Instagram as it feels like mini pep talks or like a life coach speaking in to areas of my life and so when she released her book I knew I had to get it! I really felt empowered reading this book — with affirmations, lessons, and a nurturing tone, I felt so much grace through her words while also becoming more aware of the need for boundaries, self-love and an overall appreciation for how we “vibrate” daily. I always say “vibes don’t lie,” I can tell when someone’s energy is off (call it a gift, or call it hyper aware at all times). She really cracks down on surrounding yourself with a positive, supportive and nurturing community for you to be able to thrive and also (gracefully) makes you aware of self-destructive habits we all tend to have. Self-development is always an area I want to improve in, and this book has served me well!

Vibrate Higher Daily by Lalah Delia

I find myself always reaching for self-development books, either for my physical health (I love learning about nutrition and making healthier choices, healing ourselves through food) and also books that support my mental health/outlook/spiritual walk. Hope you find something here that can help you too!

Peace and Grace,