Hello my loves! Long time no chat on here and I thought it was time to change that as so much has changed over the last two years (not just the world), but well, I have changed. I felt like a life update was definitely due and I’d like to share some exciting shifts happening! I’ve been really patient with myself, letting my spirit guide me on what the next chapter looks like.

In 2020 I got pregnant after a miscarriage and almost two years of TTC, and then in 2021 I finally had the girl of my dreams, our sweet Grace. Over the last year I have been immersed in navigating becoming a mother and raising our beautiful child – that has and will always be my first priority. It’s been a gradual shift to get me to where I am at now, but when Grace turned 1 in June and as I looked ahead at getting back into work a little more (I’ve been working part-time, but more in a consistent aspect). I had to really pray for clarity about how to move forward. I still love my corner of the internet, this blog, where you can come to and just feel light, encouraged and able to find resources that bring value to you! Over the years I have shared travel, plenty of style, home decor, personal posts and as of late a lot of baby content. Many of you have grown up with me when I started this in my early 20’s and now having turned 32 and becoming a mom, I have definitely changed. The platforms have changed (sadly in ways I don’t feel are healthy/that I love) but I recognize it as such a useful tool as well, not just for business but for personal connections, helpful resources and more (that’s pretty undeniable). I’ll still be bringing all that goodness this year (maybe less travel, haha…yeah, definitely) but a vertical I’m very passionate about is health and wellness which brings me to some exciting news…

This fall, I’m going back to school! Well…online school! I’ll be doing a Natural Nutrition Program to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (with a focus on women but specifically mothers – TTC, pregnant & postpartum). I’ve loved researching health and wellness since I was 17. The holistic aspect of body, mind and soul all being connected and the role it plays in our health has always intrigued me. Having gone through my own health struggles over the years, I really had to be my own advocate and explore alternative routes (i.e. naturopaths, holistic nutritionists, functional medicine doctors and Chinese medicine). I’ve learned so much about my body and found tools for my mental health that have helped me regulate my nervous system through different seasons. It takes time to heal and I’m still learning along the way. I am very much a student in this life and in this topic, but I love helping my friends, family and myself start to find the root causes, begin to heal and also just creating a lifestyle of health. I feel like this is such a missing piece today. It’s something that became even more important to me while struggling trying to have a baby and continued to be a priority after I had Grace, as I want to equip her to honour her body, take care of it well and thrive. The best way I can do that for my daughter is to model that lifestyle to her with the choices her dad and I make, not perfectly, but the best we can with the resources we have in the season we are in. I want to show others how to do that for their families as well and while I believe I’ve learned and know a lot, I want to be professionally trained to hopefully create resources and help people 1:1. Informing ourselves is really empowering ourselves. There is so much I had NO CLUE about when it came to my body. It was fascinating to learn but also quite frustrating how much digging I had to do. That has got to change. I pray for this knowledge to be more accessible as we’ve gotten too far, too fast and too unhealthy in our society. I pray for us to remember the simple, beautiful practices of our ancestors who slowed down, were present and joyfully created rituals, meals and healing in their lives – body, mind and spirit. I’m excited to begin learning even more and becoming certified to do what I feel really called to do, which is to help people. I’m also very passionate about bringing that to this space, so you can anticipate more of this type of content come this fall as well as some changes to this website (working on a little update). You may have already picked up on this vibe through my Instagram and I hope it’s a welcome change you will enjoy as well as benefit from.

Thank you as always for being here and supporting my family and I through all the chapters of life. I am thrilled to be able to bring more of what I have learned to encourage all of you in any small way I can. I believe if we have a healthier society, we can all thrive mentally, spiritually and physically better together. There’s no better time or need for that than now! Chat soon!



Colossians 1:9-10