One of the questions I get asked most as a new mom is “what are the products they REALLY need?” When you’re pregnant going into this experience, you’re really basing your knowledge off what others recommend or what you’ve researched. Now that I’ve had some time with my newborn and have experience personally, these are three products from Medela I use the most as a nursing mom…


Ever since Gracie was born, we used pacifiers to help soothe her. Babies love to suck (they would do this in the womb as well) to soothe themselves. Whether it’s during nap-time or in the car on the way to an appointment, we have always incorporated pacifiers. Pacifiers may also help reduce the risk of SIDS, which is a huge pro in my books! Medela Baby Pacifiers are made in Switzerland from high quality, soft silicone, which makes it really comfortable – Grace took to these right away! They have a full pacifier collection for all stages (newborn to 36 months) however long you’d like to incorporate these with your baby – you know what’s best for them! Not only are they cute, these pacifiers were developed in collaboration with midwives, dentists, speech therapists, lactation experts and ergonomists. It’s always comforting as a mom knowing the research and quality that’s backed into a product we use everyday and goes into my baby’s mouth. 

I love that these come with protective caps as well to keep them clean, especially if you want to pack an extra one in your diaper bag on the go (because they love to pop these out of their mouth and then they get dirty).  You can find them on the Medela Store, Walmart or Amazon so they’re easily accessible as well.


I just discovered this pillow and it’s been so lovely for nursing Grace! It’s also amazing because you can use it well before the baby arrives as a pregnancy pillow (there is a micro-pearl filling which makes this flexible to form to your body) so you get more use out of this! It’s super comfortable and hugs you just right, while really supporting your baby at the same time. You can unzip the 100% cotton cover for easy washing in case there are any spills as well! A good maternity/breastfeeding pillow is definitely a must.


Whenever I would breastfeed Grace, the other side she wasn’t nursing on would leak naturally at the same time. In my head I would be shouting “…Noooo! Precious milk being wasted!” Then came along this genius collector that can capture every drop of milk possible – so brilliant! It also has an easy to wear lanyard to minimize spills while you’re nursing. It suctions securely so it won’t tip over either (further reducing spillage we don’t want). Every last drop of breast milk is precious here!  How to use: Simply attach the collector on one breast while feeding or pumping from the other to ensure you’re capturing every drop possible!

These are some of the items that have supported us in my new mama journey as well as breastfeeding and beyond and I hope they’ll help you on yours too…

This post was created in collaboration with Medela Canada, all opinions are my own.