I love exploring new places and Spain is one country we haven’t really had enough time in (aside from quick stops on a Mediterranean cruise we took). We had the opportunity to head to Northern Spain (Logrono and Rioja) and then ventured about two hours to San Sebastian!

Starting with San Sebastian because I had the most questions about this area, I feel like I had a good guide and idea because my friend Sarah spent the past summer there with her boys. We also did a walking tour, which I highly recommend by a local who showed us around on the first day and then we went back to our faves…

Old Town, San Sebastian

This is where pinxtos (similar to tapas) is popping! Basically, you go from place to place eating appetizer like portions, sipping drinks and then moving on to the next. Each place has it’s own vibe and something different to offer. Always order a tomato salad wherever you go! So delicious! Our favourite spot was Bordaberri – get the risotto (it’s like a rich mac & cheese vibe). You won’t regret it.

Mosto is a grape juice (before the grapes are pressed for wine) and it usually has a slice of orange and olive in it. This quickly became my favourite drink in Spain!

We had the best gelato almost everyday while in San Sebastian at Oiartzun! Get the dulce de leche!

Another pinxtos (pinchos) dish I loved were these mushrooms and egg yolk (you mix em up and it’s delicious with their fresh bread).

Cute markets everywhere you go…

Lunch at Botanika (vegan friendly), we had chips and guac and took in all the plants!!

San Sebastian has a ton of great shopping (Zara in Europe alone is just a gem), loved walking through and getting inspired.

Monte Igueldo has fantastic views of San Sebastian and a great photo opportunity! They don’t allow professional cameras, so just bring your phone and enjoy. We took the funicular up to the top which was only about $2 Euros (so no, I did not hike in those boots, lol).

I learned that berets actually originated from the Basque country people (not Parisians)!

A nutella crepe (anywhere in Europe) is always a good idea! This place was called Quebec Krep, so naturally my Canadian pride had to try it out. It did not disappoint.

Sunset by La Concha Beach…

Dinner at Hotel Londres — we actually ended up enjoying the outdoor patio way more people watching and seeing the gorgeous sunset front row…

Dogs galore at La Concha beach! This made me so happy!

Rewinding back to the beginning of our trip, we actually started off in Logrono where our hotel was and then took a day trip with Rioja Trek to visit the incredible, historic Yuso and Suso monasteries. Marina was such a lovely tour guide and had the best energy all day!

Neal and I at Suso Monastery — coolest place I’ve ever seen.

Psalms and prayers written centuries ago in Latin…

The cathedral at Yuso Monastery took my breath away!

Quiet courtyard at Yuso monastery — it was so peaceful. So many miracles happened here. I said a few prayers for my own 🙂

The view from Suso monastery is so green and breathtaking…

The reason why we were in Spain is because the amazing Campo Viejo team invited us to come visit their winery! As a wine lover and growing up stepping on grapes with my grandpa making homemade vino, this was such a fun experience! The property is absolutely stunning and we got to taste all the wine and see how it’s all made underground.

Strolling through the vineyard…

You can book your own tour and visit the winery here.