One of the coolest places I’ve stayed at in a long time was this magical Treehouse Retreat in Ontario, Canada. Neal and I were invited by Lynne and her husband Michael to stay on their amazing property (which is also available for rent) — one look at this post and we were all in! We got to know Lynne and Michael more during our stay and we just felt this presence of peace, kindness and love being around them. Michael has terminal cancer. Looking at him, you would never know it, his eyes are so filled with life and Lynne and him have the sweetest, tender, loving energy you could find in humans. Just watch this video and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about!

I know this is more of a “travel” post, but more than just a cool place to stay for the night, the people who built it with love, sweat and tears left an imprint on my heart. I tend to take on the energy of wherever I am and let it pierce into my life. I felt it on my heart for a call to prayer, because I honestly believe in the power of prayer. I know for a fact that certain things in my life didn’t move or change until I got on my knees, I’ve seen it all over the bible and poured through other believers, mentors and friends and family’s lives — prayer can change things. God can work miracles, and if it’s His will, I pray that there will be divine intervention in Michael’s diagnosis. I am a believer. I put the trust and care of my life, and the lives of my family and friends in the one who created them, and whenever He calls us home, one by one, I also have a peace about God’s timing. I would love it if you would send Michael and his family love and prayers. In just the short time I got to spend with him and his family, I felt blessed by their presence. They have a profound sense of gratitude and positivity, and their passion to create beautiful moments not only comes through in the way they treat others (like me, a perfect stranger to them) but it’s translated all over the design projects they take on, like the Treehouse. Every corner of this place was laced with beautiful, thoughtful details that promote relaxation, rest, peace and love. I fell in love with the energy, the people and the place instantly and I know that if you decided to visit the Treehouse Retreat, you’d be blessed by it too! If you’d like to rent out their treehouse, airstream or cabin, you can reach out to the very sweet Lynne here! I hope you’ll all enjoy this video we put together (Part 1 of the tour, and the next video will be our night in the Treehouse). You can see more beautiful photos below and on Lynne’s amazing blog!

Morning light pouring in through the Treehouse…

I felt like a kid again, getting giddy about climbing the letters to hop into bed. It’s a great place for “big kids” as Lynne likes to say!

ESCAPE Duffle Bag | Vegan Leather Weekender Bag (here & here)

Swimsuit: Goodnight Macaroon | Hat: Nordstrom (similar) | Denim Shorts: One Teaspoon

The pool at the retreat was my favourite! It felt like a rustic Italian escape outside of Canada!

I watched the sun come up on this balcony and it was one of the most peaceful things I’ve ever experienced. I put on my favourite Hillsong United songs and it just filled me up with the good stuff! Perfect spot to have your coffee or tea in the morning.



Loved this shot I took on my phone — that sun flare peeking through the trees at sunset was so beautiful!

Kitchen of my dreams right here!

Loved the vintage and repurposed pieces all around the cabin and treehouse!

Lynne got these hanging chairs from Bali and told us we’d never want to get up out of them, and she wasn’t wrong…











What to bring to the Treehouse:

  • Overnight Duffle Bag
  • Cozy clothing
  • Swimsuit
  • Beach Towels
  • Food & Snacks
  • Drinks
  • S’mores
  • A good book!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Look out for Part 2 of the Treehouse vlog & subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss it!