Dress: Revolve (size down if you want it more fitted) // Boots: Nordstrom (love these so much, tts wearing a size 7.5) // Bag: Louis Vuitton (large “neverfull”) // Gold Hoop Earrings: Similar

Happy Monday! Last week there was a lot going on (both in our personal lives with family and our business), so I didn’t get around to posting much on the blog or Instagram (and that is totally okay). This outfit was supposed to go up last week, but I needed to take a break to focus on other things.

The internet didn’t go anywhere. You guys (thankfully) didn’t go anywhere (instead I got the sweetest, encouraging messages). So here we are in a new week, still a lot happening, but I wanted to give you a quick update and pick up the content around here. Here are some things I’ve learned (over time) but became clearer to me while I got to step back…

x This week I am abiding and trusting. There are a lot of unknowns and things up in the air. Certain outcomes, prayers, the health of people I love, projections and dates — all out of my control. I have hope that all things will come together for good. I have a God that is bigger than all of these things.

x I’m learning it’s better to be impactful and purposeful with what I post and share, than just seeking “attention.” Not that my goal was to get “attention,” but it’s easy to get distracted from your vision when the industry you’re in puts so much importance and weight on numbers (like followers, how many posts you can get out in a week, likes etc.) — it’s about what you’re doing with the audience you do have. I’m totally comfortable with that. 

x Experiencing “hard” things helps you expand, change and grow. Anything great should be hard (otherwise we’d all be doing it). This place I create, with my husband on the internet (our little domain, YouTube channel or Instagram), I always want you to feel lighter when you visit it. We can talk about tough things like anxiety, growth, relationships and we can share cozy things like home decor, living and a warm sweater to get you through winter. I love that it encompasses all of those things, but doing it with heart and meaning matters to me. We are excited to bring you more content these next coming weeks and launching new things (like our clothing label). There are challenges along the way, but in the end I believe it’s going to be great. 

So those are some of my thoughts (I got a little deep there). Let’s lighten up the mood: In other news, I’m so looking forward to packing away the pumpkins (already in storage) and busting out the Christmas tree. Yes, I said that (too soon)? Our thanksgiving was last month in Canada, so now all we have to look forward to is Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited. Neal and I love decorating on November 1st, and this time we really have to because we have to shoot holiday content in advance (but we’d be these people anyways, regardless of that fact to be honest).

Thanks for sticking with me through the changes and while I work behind the scenes to bring you meaningful projects and intentional content. Love you all so much! xoxo