We all have those days where we’re ready to slap on our pjs and say goodnight to the world. I believe every day is good. Not everyday will bring good things, but there is something good in everyday! One of the biggest ways I overcame anxiety in my life was focusing on gratitude. I write in a journal every night before bed (thanks to Ann Voskamp’s book called 1000 Gifts) and it’s helped me see that everyday really is a blessing. Stress is real, and while we can be grateful we are also human and have our moments. I don’t stay in a stressed out place for very long (gratitude has taught me to move on), and it’s hard to when you have the sweetest husband and puppy! Here are ways I like to unwind after a stressful day…

LOVE YOURSELF | Sometimes I feel like I’m pouring into everyone else and no one (including myself) has poured into me. I don’t like to take the self-pity route, I love to be the giver and thats what fulfills me at the end of the day! But somedays, when I really feel like I’ve been pulled in every direction I like to go home, take off all of my makeup, shower, put on my coziest sweatpants and pamper myself. I put on a face mask, fix myself my favourite meal (or order take-out) and just chill out. Simple things like that bring me comfort and help me just cool down from whatever day I’m having. Also! I don’t have one at home, but when I used to, baths were my jam every night! I can’t wait until we move out of our condo and get a home — my first order of business will be an epic bath tub!

GIVE GRACE | Whether’s it’s to yourself or to others, the quickest way to come down from a stressful encounter or day is to give grace. I think we’re way too hard on ourselves and each other in this world and if we came from more understanding, forgiveness and grace we’d reduce a lot more of the stress in our lives. Grace works best on messy people – I am flawed, but God calls me worthy and that’s the best gift of grace I could ever receive.


CLEAN UP | Ok, I know what you’re thinking, the last thing you want to do when you’re stressed out is clean up, however I’ve found that a little tidying up is just what I need to clear my mind. When I see a mess (which is often, admittedly, lol), I feel like a mess! I need the order to get myself to refocus and feel better and whenever I get in a mood I know its because I can’t find something or wish things were more tidy. Cleaning actually feels therapeutic to me when I find myself worked up, I channel the energy into something productive and I feel so much better about my day!

SET THE MOOD | If you want to have a peaceful night after a crazy day, turn your phone on airplane mode (avoid being on social media, answering to everyone etc.), light some candles or dim your lamp so you can just unwind fully. I love my himalayan salt lamp, it has so many benefits like air purification, reducing electromagnetic radiation and is a mood booster/sleep promoter. I definitely recommend picking one up for your home!

LISTEN TO A PODCAST | Podcasts are like a great pep talk! I love reading and listening to pieces that help me grow as a person and as a woman of God. I want to learn to be more gracious, thankful, forgiving, humble etc. Character is SO important to me, and I am always working on this with myself, it’s never going to be finished as we never stop growing and learning. Before any of these suggestions listed above, I pray first. Even before I talk to Neal or call a friend, I always talk to God first. When I don’t I never feel satisfied or at peace – I go to the “throne before the phone” haha. I love listening to Joyce Meyer’s podcasts (her southern style, straight to the point, honest to goodness sermons are exactly what I need when I’m in a mood). I also love John Mark Comer (podcasts here) all of his books are awesome and Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke’s YouTube channel (also love their books).

Dress: Morning Lavender (also comes in Blush Pink) | Earrings: Club Monaco

Location: The June Motel | Rose Room

Photography by: annawithlove