Perfume Airpod Case // Heart Ring // Heart Stud Earrings // Hair Clips // Heart Prayer Beads // Satin Sleep Set // Jenny Bird Bracelet // Earrings // Body Lotion + Body Wash // Water Tumbler // Makeup Case // Wall Art Prints // Tea Set // Lip Slip // Buxom Balm // OAUI Chill Pills (bath bombs) // Candle

You don’t need an excuse or a holiday to celebrate love, but one thing I will encourage you to do this season is love on yourself! Whether that’s creating space for yourself to exhale (go on a walk, journal, take a bath) or treating yourself to some skincare, a new PJ set or candle — self-love is not selfish. That doesn’t begin with “things” it surely starts with our mentality, disregarding negative self-talk and really working in things for your soul above all else. These are just little “delights” if you want to treat yourself that I think are cute (or you can pass this list on to your partner for ideas of what to get you on Valentine’s Day *wink*). What’s a self-care must have for you (material or not)?