When it feels like everything is stacked up against you, I hope you can remember this truth: if we are filled with the spirit, we cannot fail. We won’t live a problem free life, but they serve a purpose to draw us back to Him. I try not to focus in on all of my problems that seem so big — instead I focus on how big my God is (and above those issues) to help me. I love the NIV translation of Psalm 46:5, it says:

“God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.”

If you’re feeling weak, or heavy with life’s burdens throughout the next few days, remember this: He lives in you, and there is immense power in this truth. Embracing it, but most importantly believing it is when it really gets activated! I am using this as my affirmation this week, intentionally inviting the Holy Spirit to work to guide me, protect me and draw my confidence and strength. I hope this week’s devotion does the same for you! Download this image and save it to your phone as a screensaver so you’ll be reminded as you step into Monday…

Peace and Grace,