Happy New Year! I know we’re mid-way through January, but I haven’t had a chance to update you all as you may notice why…I HAVE A NEW BLOG! Also, you might have noticed as you were redirected, I also have a new blog name! It’s been a long, logistical process switching over to my married name Steph Jolly, as I’ve built my business and online presence as Stephanie Sterjovski. Going in to 2020, with a new brand, mindset and head full of ideas of what I am hoping this space will be, I knew I wanted to do it this way (still working out my Instagram name, which is a whole other lengthy process). This blog has been a process and in the works for over a year, but to be honest, kept getting pushed back because things just kept coming up in my real life and I was losing my vision/purpose. I didn’t want to move forward on any decisions until I gained clarity, and that sometimes takes months (even years). This space has changed so much since I began blogging for fun in 2010. Instagram became such a huge focus, and while I am grateful for the growth and community I have over there, I will always love and have my blog. It’s where I began, it’s where I can create without the rest of the noise and a space where we can connect on a deeper level. Along with a new blog design, my husband Neal and I are launching our podcast this month and I’ve gone back to my roots of designing wall art again (with a new launch coming next week to the shop). To be honest, 2019 was tough. I’ll be able to elaborate more on our podcast, but I really fell into a pit where I wasn’t able to feel creative, I was processing so many different emotions and I lost my joy in what I do. Maybe you picked up on this, maybe you didn’t. I tried my best to keep showing up for you all, but I really needed to show up for myself. I took the time to do a lot of reflecting and just paused my projects until I was able to come back to me again. I never want to create out of pressure, but the reality is, my job relies on me creating, so with that comes a certain amount. I consider myself a life-long learner and part of what I go through feels like in a way is meant to help me, help others with my platform.

Aside from deep life topics (because we know I love to get in to those), we have re-designed this space to be a resource for all the other things I love to talk about: travel, style, beauty, wellness and home decor! Now, you can discover and explore past and present content in a more user-friendly way. If you’re looking for something, utilize the search bar or navigate through all the categories we’ve made easily accessible and organized for your browsing pleasure! Not only will my new site house all of my “blog” content, but I intentionally wanted it to be more of a lifestyle website that encompasses all of my projects: from new videos on YouTube, to podcast episodes, social media updates and new releases from my little shop! You’ll also be able to find real-time posts that are ready to shop straight from my Instagram in the “shop” page so you never have to wait or ask “where is that from?” as they’ll be uploaded as they go live. When you are on my homepage, the most recent five posts will be right at the top in case you missed any during the week (and you can quickly see what you’d like to dive in to first). All of the seamless design, planning and execution is thanks to the wonderful ChloeDigital team! I truly could not have brought my vision to life without them. As a CD Member since 2015, they’ve brought me so much peace of mind and supported me in my on-line business. Having and running a website is a lot of work; there is strategy that goes into content creation, back-end analytics, coding etc. and so having them support me as the internet, influencer space and social media landscape changes has been the best investment I’ve made. I can focus on creating the content and not worry about all the back end stuff, knowing they’ve got my back. Thank you Chloe for making this happen!!

I’ll end today’s post with gratitude. I am thankful you are here, whether you’ve been here since day one or you’re new to my page, thank you. This website, as much as it feel like it’s by me and for me, is really for you. I hope this will be your safe space on the internet you can come to, exhale and feed your eyes with inspiration, words and ideas that (I hope!) encourage you. This is a grace-filled space, where I am learning also and will continue to. Thank you for sticking with me, even when I lost my joy, I’m so glad to be back and so hopeful for the future! Huge, huge love.

Peace and Grace,

Steph Jolly (eeeek, I love seeing that)