I love having a peek into what others are eating and so many of you have asked to see what Grace and I eat on a typical day, so here’s a look inside…


Daily vitamins: Vitamin D, Iron, B Complex + 3L of water is my goal

Breakfast: Bone Broth with Collagen (bone broth already has collagen I just add more lol), then I’ll have something else for today I did this yummy coconut yogurt kefir with raw honey, berries, cacao nibs and seeds.

Lunch: Organic grass fed beef tacos on organic tortilla with a homemade pico I love on the side that’s simply avocados, red onion, garlic and tomatoes. I like to dip with some organic tortilla chips!

Dinner: Being a new mama it’s so helpful when our family drops off a meal! My mother in law is such an amazing chef, so here I got to enjoy her delicious chicken curry with basmati rice and some raw veggies on the side.


Breakfast: BLW safely cut avocados rolled in hemp hearts, smushed blueberries (blw) and 1 mashed boiled egg blended with bone broth/breastmilk (your choice). Vitamin D drop.

Lunch: I’m all about adding something easy (but still healthy) to the mix – Once Upon A Farm pouches are super clean and filled with nutrients! I gave her a fruit and veggie blend that had strawberry, squash, coconut and vanilla. I plate it and let her feed herself with a spoon – but i’ll still help her (she loves to get her hands messy in it).

Dinner: Organic grass fed beef I prepared and pureed with some prunes (helps to prevent constipation from the high iron) – I prepare a big batch and freeze these so they’re easy to pop out for meals. On the side I prepared steamed red bell pepper and cauliflower (blended together and frozen for future meals as well) and this is great because it contains a lot of vitamin C which helps babies absorb their iron! Babies need a lot of iron after 6 months (I learned this in the food course I took, see down below).

* We do a mix of purees and blw still (I really let Grace lead where she’s at and don’t try to be too advanced before she is ready). I also highly recommend a food course to help teach you what’s appropriate to serve, how to safely serve food, introducing allergens and other safety considerations when feeding baby! You can use my code: JOLLY to get 15% off the Happy Healthy Eaters course Neal and I took for Grace.