Whenever I can’t travel to incredible places, I like to stay inspired by reading, browsing Pinterest, watching YouTube, exploring my own city even deeper, walking and connecting with other creatives. We’ve been home for the past month and the weather has been amazing and we’ve just wanted to spend every moment with our new puppy Lucy, so we are more than content. Something I like to do on Sunday evenings is write out what I need to get done for the week ahead, and I love to pin images that inspire me to tackle my goals, evaluating what’s holding me back, and then go for it!

In the summertime I love opening the windows and our patio door and just letting the breeze roll in to a clean house. We removed our rug recently (since it was Lucy’s favourite thing to chew, puppy proofing is real) and it inspired me to purge a few other things and keep our place open and light. I hate when things get over-cluttered, so a good organizing day always starts my week off better. Summer inspires me to eat better and workout more, so my goal this week is to meal-plan and do a yoga class! I just want to eat all of the fruits and veggies, stay organized, implement more fitness and soak up the sun! This board inspires me to get moving on all of my goals! Time to get to work. What inspires you?

Happy Monday! xo