I’m excited to bring you a little video today from my YouTube Channel! As you might have seen my Kitchen Tour here, we are taking a closer look at my GE Appliance’s fridge (and why it is such an awesome space saver for us). You’ll find all the cool features of this fridge, for example our APF (Advanced Pharmaceutical Filtration) system for our water that comes straight from this model is my favourite. It filters at least 94% of trace pharmaceuticals found in water, and a lot of people don’t realize that tap water even has this! It’s just one of the many reasons this was the right fit for us!

I also included some healthy tips and what we like to keep stocked at all times. Neal and I work from home so we need to keep fuelled throughout the day. Click play to see more!

GE Appliances Refrigerator Model #PFE24JMKES

Video by Goody Cambay