My shower essentials change over time and seasons, but most of these are staples in my routine that I’ve been loving! I really like to take my time and use my showers as a beauty routine – I’ll usually put a face mask on before I hop in, I exfoliate my hair, face and body, massage my scalp, do leave-in treatments and more! Scroll down to see more…

I started using Necessaire products this year — first I was attracted to the packaging and then I saw how well formulated their products were. Eucalyptus is a favourite ingredient of mine because it helps you destress, helps you breathe better (hello allergies) and inflammation (just a few benefits). I love this gentle body exfoliator, the beads won’t scratch your skin but they buff away dead cells quite nicely. My skin feels really smooth and I find it helps me keep my tan longer. Highly recommend all products from this line!

The Kristin Ess Reconstructive Moisture Mask is by far one of the best treatments I’ve ever used and what’s great is it’s available at drugstores! I found it at Target in the US and for my Canadians. I use it a few times a week on my ends and then let it sit in my hair for a few minutes while I shave or exfoliate.

Our scalp can really build up product so I like to cleanse it with a good scrub. I remember loving the Lush “Big” Shampoo a few years ago (but unfortunately because I dye my hair the formula is too drying). I found this OUAI scrub and it leaves my scalp really clean and it doesn’t leave the rest of my hair dry. It also smells amazing in the shower!! I use this once a week and yes you can use it on your skin too (which is a huge plus).

I love for my showers to feel like a “spa experience” – I know it sounds silly but I look forward to them and use it as my “me time.” I love bubble baths, but since we don’t have one in our condo these little extra things make it feel really relaxing. I found this vibrating scalp massager on Amazon from Vitagoods that really works your shampoo in and gives you a nice massage. I carry a lot of tension in my neck and grind my teeth so my jaw and head usually feel the pain of those effects. This feels so amazing! You can get these ones that are much cheaper but don’t vibrate. Just work it in to your hair and it’ll still feel great.

Equis Balancing Hair Wash – I got this during the beginning of quarantine while I was giving my hair a break from colouring or styling. This resets your hair’s natural PH balance. I’m almost done the bottle and can say I’d buy it again!

Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser – This is my all-time favourite cleanser I use day and night that I love having an extra bottle in my shower. It’s simple, purifying and dissolves makeup really well. I like doing a little skincare on my face in the shower!

MIFA Eucalyptus Body Wash – I was recently gifted this 100% natural body wash (again in my favourite scent Eucalyptus) and it smells amazing. It lathers well and I really love the pump, especially in the shower.

N̩cessaire Eucalyptus Body Wash РSurprise, surprise another eucalyptus scented product. What can I say I just love it!! This is another natural body wash I absolutely love (this one is a gel-oil cleanser). It smells so fresh and leaves my skin feeling nourished.

Tula So Poreless Deep Exfoliating Blackhead Scrub

I love exfoliating with this product 1-2x a week in the shower and feel like it’s improved my skin texture so much. I can even say that I love this scrub better than the sugar scrub (and you guys know how much I love that one). You can always use my Tula Code: STEPHJOLLY for 15% off at the checkout.

Since I colour my hair, I keep it up by using a purple/blue shampoo, right now I’m using the Moroccan Oil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo and it’s been working great for me. The key to not getting too brassy is adding this into your routine!