After meditating on these words (from my daily devotional, written by Joyce Meyer) a couple of days ago, I had a strong conviction to share my thoughts on this truth. I love that Joyce shares her heart, and is so blessed with knowledge that helps us apply the word of God to our lives today.

In the past when doors of opportunity shut, I, like any other person would get down about it. I wouldn’t understand why something that I wanted so badly to happen, whether in my personal life, school or career, wouldn’t work out. I’d work hard, stay positive, pray, repeat – and the outcome never drew as I had hoped. Then I saw God work in my life in ways I couldn’t have dreamed up. It is so true, that God’s plan for our lives is written more beautifully than we could even conjure up ourselves. I realized over time everything God had prevented from happening, worked out for my good and to my benefit. When the answer is No, it is because God knows you deserve better. It may not feel like this at the time, it might just break your heart, but He is good, and does all things for our good. I wouldn’t have met the love of my life if I had held on to people who would have ended up making me miserable. I would not have enjoyed waking up everyday stuck in a job that did not fulfill me. I get to wake up everyday and do what I LOVE. If it meant that I had to learn a couple hard lessons, or meet people that were not so pleasant or jealous along the way, then it was worth it, because I have received so many more blessings. Now when I am faced with anything in life I can trust that the Lord will have my best interest in His hands, and whatever He decides for my life I will be at peace with. If the answer is no, I know that is the best answer for my life! I’ve been able to look at everything in a more positive light because of HIS grace, HIS goodness and HIS love. I feel truly blessed to know that, and it hurts me to watch others become bitter when doors close in their life. I wish everyone could see and be grateful for what God is trying to do in their lives, beyond the pain. I pray for all of you reading this, that you will be blessed with beautiful opportunities and to be blessed we must have an attitude of thanksgiving. My theory is, when one door closes, be grateful and know that God wants only the best for you. Loving you all hard, have a beautiful Thursday!