My skin takes a hit during the winter months and since I have started traveling regularly for work – moving from colder to warmer temperatures can totally confuse it even more! I find I have to constantly switch up my skin care routine to keep up so I have found a way to cocktail a three part beauty ritual with the new bareMinerals skincare line.




Keeping acne at bay, while also staying hydrated has always been a hard balance with my skin. I’m pretty basic with my skincare – I’m just a cleanser and mositurizer kind of gal, but I have loved adding in the SkinLongevity™ Vital Power Infusion. It’s a little extra step that goes a long way and I’ve already noticed how much it makes me glow and my makeup application is so much smoother since I’ve started using this. Think of it like a booster or daily vitamin for your skin!


Coming back from the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago and into the cold, harsh, drying winter I’ve been using the Oil Obsessed (total cleansing oil) — amazing for removing dirt and makeup, in conjunction with SkinLongevity and Butter Drench moisturizer. It’s the perfect trio for the colder climate and to help my skin adjust from hot to cold. When I head down to Florida in a month, I’ll switch it up with the Blemish Ready cleanser, continue using SkinLongevity and then swap out my moisturizer for the True Oasis. These are the most ideal for hot, humid climates and troublesome skin. Let me know if you try out the new bareMinerals skincare line and what products you are loving…





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