This week I was invited to the Women’s College Hospital Foundation’s annual luncheon called ‘Women for Women’s.’ It was such an empowering event, that helps support the hospital and advancing women’s health. The luncheon was hosted by Jeanne Beker at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, where an impressive panel including: Amanda Lang, Arlene Dickinson, Dr.Gillian Hawker and Ed Clark discussed issues in women’s health and bettering the system currently in place, with the new home for Women’s College Hospital. Essentially, WCH is building the “hospital of the future,” one that will provide specialists, clinics and surgical suites to the patients under one roof to make it more convenient for them, rather than running from the family physician, to a specialist all over the city. It is a hospital built to “treat, care and educate.” Something that really struck a chord in me was when Arlene Dickinson discussed the importance of taking care of ourselves during the panel discussion. As CEO of Venture Communications, I would say Arlene knows a thing or two about making good investments, the one she stressed the most is “invest in yourself.” If you don’t take care of yourself, it will be hard to take care of the others around you! Ain’t that the truth. It seems so simple, no? As women, our instincts are to be nurturing caregivers, sometimes to a fault, where we forget to pay attention to our own needs. I think this thought is valuable not just for women, but for everyone. We are no good to others, if we are not focusing on our own health first — kind of like the airplane procedure: put your oxygen mask on first, before you go to assist the person next to you, or you won’t be able to! All in all the luncheon was a great success, and a wonderful experience I wanted to share with you all!