Blazer: Topshop (here too) // Tank: Nordstrom // Necklaces: Revolve // Shorts: Storets // Shoes: Manolo Blahnik // Sunglasses: Topshop // Bag: Chloe

Hey babes! Hope your week is going great so far! Ours has already been packed with projects (some for SS Print Shop – yes things are changing up!), Neal is editing a bunch of video content (both for our platform and third party clients), shoots, endless e-mails and of course trying to balance life in the middle of our demanding schedule. I feel grateful for it all as I type this out even with laundry piled up behind me, accounting that has to be completed and deadlines waiting to be met.

A lot of times we get asked how we manage to do it all: long hours of work, travel, maintaining a personal life, healthy marriage, high energy dog, self-employment (which comes with a lot of self-management), house keeping, eating healthy and keeping God first. Well, there’s no magic answer, and honestly it can be hard to keep up with all of those things I just listed, it’s true what they say, “something’s gotta give.” Not everything can be 100% all the time. When things go down and feel out of control, you have to have a resource where you can reference how to handle things. Neal and I draw a lot of strength from our faith (whether it’s through prayer, worship music, podcasts, books etc.) and we show up and put in hard work in all facets of this life we’re creating together as a team. When we’re operating in our own strength we get flustered, burned out and overwhelmed. When we operate relying on God’s strength, we feel at peace even with so much on our plate. I think you have to always remember your purpose — why do you do the things you do? Whenever you feel overwhelmed, burned out or unmotivated you can go back to that purpose or your “mission statement” and remember why. We don’t do what we do for recognition, money or “stuff,” but a lot of people do and that kind of purpose doesn’t sustain you or what you’re trying to establish. Always have a purpose greater than vanity, fame, money and success. Those things can become false idols and even if you achieve all of them, they won’t fulfill your soul. We store our treasures in heaven (not on earth) which means how we treat people, serve and love others is the priority. I promise you that! I’m glad Neal and I have always known that truth and always chosen to put God first and the purpose He has called us to for such a time as this.

There’s no such thing as balance – I think there’s a lot of grace involved for yourself and others, and then I think there’s a lot of organization and prioritizing that has to come into play if you want to make time for things. If you want to make time to see a friend, you’ll make the time. If you want to exercise, you’ll find 20 minutes to squeeze it in. If you want to start something new (a blog, a YouTube channel, a charity), you’ll find a way to make it happen. Whatever is important to you, you will find a way. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with strings attached, burdens or things you might have to sacrifice, but everyone has the ability to do it! How hungry are you for it? I hope that encourages you today to make a way, find your purpose and live it out with grace because balance is something that’s hard to strike.

On to the outfit details (…nice transition there), I love pairing blazers with shorts lately (especially with denim). These white ones are really chic (but are the softest material and have a stretchy waist band which makes them totally comfortable). They fit true to size (I got a size small) and can easily take your blazer from work to a night out!

Again, wherever you’re at in the middle of this week, don’t forget to give yourself grace. You don’t need to do more or be more to feel worthy. You’re already enough!

Call to action: My friend Shay recommended this book to me recently and I can’t wait to start reading it. Join me if you want to read it at the same time!